Music T-Shirt is now part of our need, especially for those who really loves music or being addicted to some music group. T-shirt is now used as an instrument where you can express your taste in music which can be used as your daily cloth or occasional. There is reason why music t-shirt becomes familiar now days; the main reason is because it can be worn during music concert or music event, so you don’t need to think about appropriate cloth when you watch the concert of your favorite band.

Usually a music shirt is design by applying printing picture including band name, artist name, face or photo, slogan, the title of the song or album. it is true that most of music shirt bring rock or metal genre, almost all of them are made by using darker color including black, grey, navy; only some of them use white and red.

music t-shirt

Where you can buy Music T-Shirt

Music t-shirt is mostly sold as band merchandise, so you will hardly found them on common cloth shop. The price of the t-shirt itself is more expensive compared to our daily t-shirt; because you do not only buy the cloth but also the band’s brand. You can find the t-shirt in female and male size; almost all of them are made from lighter shirt such as Gildan.

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If the t-shirt is a band merchandise where you can find your favorite band’s brand t-shirt? Basically the printed t-shirt is sold during concert on band’s stand or it can also be a giving away for the people who buy the concert’s tickets. A concert music t-shirt not only include the band’s name printing and their pictures; but also the date of the concert, the place, and the name of the event. If you miss the concert, you can still manage to buy the t-shirt on band’s store or trough cloth store that specialized in music theme t-shirt.

Vocaloid music T-shirt

This type of music t-shirt is quite different with the one from rock or metal theme shirt. If both rock and metal shirt tend to apply darker color with heavy look on the t-shirt, Vocaloid music t-shirt is more colorful; you can find them in green, black, white, yellow, blue and any other colors. You might still unfamiliar with Vocaloid or voiced sanitizer program or virtual singer. But now days, they gain popularity not only around Japan but also US and Europe.

This type of music t-shirt is famous among otaku or anime lovers, and the T-shirt is only sold as a limited edition; so it is a little bit hard to get this type of shirt even in America and Europe. You can purchase the t-shirt via online, where you need to contact the artisan by yourself; since the cloth is mostly sold individually by the designer. The music t-shirt is also sold during the concert, but you might need to scramble with their fanatic fans. You can also purchase the t-shirt on online otaku shop or on cosplay store. What makes

Vocaloid t-shirt interesting is its colorful design and accessories; they are available as bag, necklace, phone stripes and many more.
Now days, T-shirt is no longer considered as a daily cloth or pajama, but it can also be used to promote your band or to express your music taste. Almost all of them are available as a printing T-shirt, so if you can’t manage to get your desired Music t-shirt; you can make your-own music t-shirt by using plain black t-shirt.